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Beautiful Ties - Manufacturing & Construction

We create the most beautiful ties in silk which are probably among the best online for men who like to be noticed here is how they are constructed and made. Our designs are made up of 3 main components: the blade, the neck, and the tail, the material – that is used mainly heavy silks from Italy or the Far East, woven to the highest quality. All beautiful ties are normally unrolled and checked for flaws. In 90cm by 80cm blocks, generally in piles of 40 or so, which are then sent to the cutter, who then lays out the cardboard patterns as eerganomically as possible and by using a very sharp cutting knife, cuts the silk cleanly on the bias of 45-degree angle to the silk threads).

In each block we will make three of our beautiful ties, sometimes four, but not without cutting off the bias, as the design will not hang as well or recover its shape as quickly. The cutter also cuts out a small piece of waste cloth for the necktie loop attached to the back of the blade through which you can tuck the tail.

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Beautiful Neckties in Silk

Both blade and tail in our beautiful ties are then "tipped". The only part of the whole process done by a weaving machine, this involves sewing a split lining to the back of the silk necktie, either in the same material or a contrasting color and weight of silk. Blade, neck and tail are then co joined together, and the material and seams pressed to retain the three-dimensional shape of our beautiful ties.

What we do next is get our beautiful ties slipped which means. First, the interlining – the core strip of thicker material, wool or cotton or a blend of the two, around which the woven silk is folded. Which is then tucked into the blade tip. Then the woven silk is folded and pinned along the length, the folds must not be too loose or too tight, and the seam must run up the centre.

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Beautiful Designer Ties

Now working on our beautiful ties we start with a bar tack and using a slightly curved needle and strong, 30-gauge silk thread, the sewer puts in the slip stitch that will hold our amazing silk ties together. The slip, a relatively loose stitch that allows the material a degree of movement and gathers in both sides of the silk, the tip with the interlining, while leaving the front of the necktie untouched and being completely invisible from the back. It is a very skilled business making beautiful ties in silk.

Finally, the slipping is secured with another bar tack at the tail, leaving a small size loop of excess thread inside our mens tie. This loop means that however much the tie is worked everyday will return to its original shape if hung and left to hang. The last step is to sew in the label with four corner tacks with the result of finally creating our beautiful ties.
















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