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All luxury neckties are handmade from the finest, Italian silk that was woven in places like the renowned silk capital: Como, Italy. We design our upmarket neckties in the UK and USA then ship the designs to the top necktie makers. You will only find mens ties in the most exclusive boutiques, and typically cost in excess of $140 per luxury tie.

Luxurious silk ties are an essential piece of neckwear that screams "high fashion". Silk is a luxury natural fiber that is produced by silkworms when forming cocoons. When unraveled, each cocoon is comprised of about a thousand yards of silk thread, which is then spun to create a yarn of silk that can be used to make textiles for clothing.

Our luxury silk woven ties offer a timeless option that is suitable for even the strictest dress code. Made from pure silk, these ties have a classic weave and a traditional length and width. They can be paired with coordinating pocket squares to further complete your look. Our luxury tie collection offers the best of fashion and style.

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Luxury Ties for Businessmen

Set off your mens shirt with a beautifully hand finished silk tie from Savile Row. Made from the most luxurious 100% silk, choose from a range of beautiful designs and playful patterns. Available in both traditional mens tie and our beautiful bow ties.

At Luxury Tie Store, we offer a full range of luxury ties for men, in a wide variety of different shades and styles. Our beautiful ties are available in silk, satin, paisley, check, stripes, polka dots and a huge variety of different colors.

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Our luxury silk tie collection includes an excellent array of colors and patterns including the very popular Paisley, Neat, Geometric, Plaid designs. The neckties are regular length and measure 58 inches in length and 3.75 inch in width. Show off your confidence and style with our newest silk tie collection. The key component to looking great are the accessories, particularly when wearing one of our luxury ties.
















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