gold floral neck ties


floral necktie in gold and blue


Necktie Price ( $79.00 US about £59 GB ) Including Postage Worldwide


Gold Floral Ties

Many couples from around the world buy these gold floral neckties for their Wedding for groomsmen and best man because of the great colour combinations.


 gold silk necktie tie


Floral Neckties in Gold

This gold floral necktie is made from a 100% silk.

Mens Silk Tie Shop especially liked pairing this gold floral necktie with dark blue suits, beautiful white shirts, and matching handkerchiefs.

Its always nice to be recognised as someone who wears nice expensive floral necktie designs, this is the upmarket product that Mens Silk Tie Shop do best!.

This expensive floral tie is handmade from pure silk and infuses rich gold colours. The beautiful shade of gold is a versatile colour that mixes and matches with almost everything.


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