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red paisley tie


Necktie Price ( $79.00 US about £59 GB ) Including Postage Worldwide


Power Ties for Executives

This red paisley tie is an unstoppable force in our tie collection for Businessmen - Executives - Lawyers. The rich colours pair well with the exceptional red paisley pattern.


 neckties for businessmen executives lawyers


Neckties For Businessmen & Lawyers

Mens Silk Tie Shop red paisley ties will present well every time it is worn. We have received some exceptional feedback from Asian customers in Bangkok, Singapore, Penang, Hong Kong. Red is a very important color in the Far East so you can view these incredible comments on Mens Silk Tie Shop Facebook page.

Mens Silk Tie Shop objective are to create a range of the luxury ties for high end customers who appreciate the finer items in their wardrobe. This red paisley tie is the perfect example of the power tie designs we create.


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