luxury premium hand made high class upscale extravagant designer silk tie


designer silk tie in blue and gold


Necktie Price ( $79.00 US about £59 GB ) Including Postage Worldwide


Designer Silk Ties

Mens Silk Tie Shop is the BEST TIE STORE that you will find these extravagant ties made with handmade quality at this price.


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Extravagant Ties On Sale

Mens Silk Tie Shop are creating one of the best designer silk tie collection offering the most extravagant ties.

This designer silk tie in blue and gold is one of our favourite men's ties from our collection. A perfect blend of classic colours.

Mens Silk Tie Shop especially liked pairing this extravagant designer silk tie with dark suits, white shirts, and matching handkerchiefs. Handmade from high quality 100% silk - designer silk ties in blue and gold.

Show off your penchant for upmarket designer fashion with this designer silk tie. Decorated in glamorous shades of blue and gold, the extravagant pattern has a modern aesthetic that sensationalizes anything and everything that it is paired with.

We are working hard losing designs that prove to be weak and replacing them with better designer silk ies. Mens Silk Tie Shop want to protect our upmarket tie brand and would rather give our surplus ties to good customers than have our luxurious designer ties go on SALE at lower prices.


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