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purple silk necktie


Necktie Price ( $79.00 US about £59 GB ) Including Postage Worldwide


Expensive Silk Ties

This purple silk tie is a perfect example of our work as we create a style similar to the most expensive Italian silk ties which we offer at large discounted prices online.


 expensive italian ties


Expensive Italian Neckties

By keeping the numbers of our expensive tie designs low and create luxury tie designs with that exclusive Italian look we get a lot of recommendations from customers worldwide.

Our Singaporian customers seem to like our very expensive ties in Italian style that offer a luxurious look. We have sold this expensive silk tie in purple many times to high end clients & weddings in Singapore who only want the best.

It seems our customers in Singapore have great taste in choosing the most exclusive ties with the richest colors. We always use the finest materials to make the most expensive Italian silk ties online. We have a very high rate of returning customers something like 80% which is really quite an achievement when selling expensive silk ties.


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