stripe tie in purple & blue


Necktie Price ( $79.00 US about £59 GB ) Including Postage Worldwide


Top Quality Neckties

Our luxury ties are sent from Great Britain and the United States. We now sell to well over 100 countries.




Purple Stripe Ties

This purple stripe tie above is a lighter and more powerful version of one of our top quality ties.

Mens Silk Tie Shop price our top quality neckties in AMERICAN DOLLARS. This keeps everything very simple as most clients can easily work out the currency exchange.

This really is a top quality tie, we have had a lot of emails regarding this blue and gold tie getting NOTICED!. Women in particular seem to really see this tie as very beautiful.

This top quality tie should be worn with a expensive designer suit. If you can stretch to handmade shoes and an expensive watch its worth it because the right people just cannot help to notice the small details on a man.

This expensive tie is perfect for that high end corporate look or a very upmarket wedding. As you put this expensive blue and gold tie on you will not fail to notice that feeling of sheer luxury. Mens Silk Tie Shop offer at discount prices some of the top quality ties online.


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