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Necktie Price ( $79.00 US about £59 GB ) Including Postage Worldwide



Expensive Red Silk Ties

This red stripe tie is all handmade from finest silk by Mens Silk Tie Shop which is known for their intricate designs, created with a unique Jacquard weaving technique.


 expensive red ties


Luxury Neckties in RED

For a polished, professional look, we recommend wearing one of Mens Silk Tie Shop expensive ties to the office as well. A design infused with rich red and green colours. The innovative colour combination make this accessory a must-have item in the finest wardrobes for men.

This red stripe tie is a classic design with a powerful twist, which has intricately woven silk which creates a shine that grabs people's attention from afar. This exclusive red stripe tie is an ideal companion for a more classical suiting for all thos special occasions for a a high flying executive.

Mens Silk Tie Shop have a lot of returning customers because we make the finest ties which are made to the best quality. We have sold thousands of our luxury ties across the globe specifically for weddings or the office. This red stripe tie is simply stunning and is one of our exclusive ties for men.

This expensive tie offers a very powerful color on a very simple design. Worn with a well cut suit, handmade shoes and expensive watch will just set the tone of the person wearing it. Mens Silk Tie Shop have priced our collection at a most reasonable price and to testify to this is our red stripe tie.


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