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blue stripe tie


Necktie Price ( $79.00 US about £59 GB ) Including Postage Worldwide


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Styled with a blue background and vibrant green stripes, this has become a highly fashionable menswear accessory. Team this upscale tie up with your collection of white and blue shirts for a superb look.


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Blue Stripe Tie

We have many successful, affluent customers returning to our upscale tie store to purchase additional ties for there wardrobe.

This blue stripe tie has a really good lining. This is important as the mens tie will form a fine knot and make it hang just right. All our upscale ties are finish with the most intricate details.

The right people with good taste notice the small details especially women. In fact some of our best customers have been women who buy our upscale ties for their partner. Also we have noticed women have a great eye for matching the stronger colors and the most intricate patterns.

We are one of the best tie stores online for upscale ties. We are able to deliver these blue stripe ties worldwide for free. Create a spectacular menswear ensemble with this stylishly simple and colourful blue tie that is luxurious especially when combined with a well cut suit.


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