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Luxury Tie Store have created each of our upscale ties with the finest materials we can find. We price all our stripe ties in AMERICAN DOLLARS due to worldwide demand from over 100 countries.


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Upscale Ties On Sale

Luxury Tie Store pride ourselves by providing the best quality product possible, therefore when your upscale tie arrives you'll will immediately notice the high quality material used and attention to detail in the carefully made stripe pattern.

The rich colour in all our upscale designer ties give a sense of power which can be hard to find in your everyday main street store. Most stripe ties available tend to be average quality or generic so to get noticed for all the right reasons please buy our beautiful stripe ties.

Luxury Tie Store have opted not just to use 2 colours for our striped ties, but also varying stripe widths too. By using this combination, it creates a breath of fresh air to office attire. You will certainly be pleased with our luxury stripe ties as they are of good quality.

Stripe Ties For Gentlemen

Luxury Tie Store believe our expensive stripe ties are a good starting off point with a well cut suit and white shirt before you gradually progress with your new found style.

Over the past months, our luxurious stripe ties have become a popular purchase not just from men but from women buying them too for their other half or as a gift. With increased sales, Luxury Tie Store have expanded the range of our exclusive stripe ties.

Most men choose either a polks dot necktie or solid color tie for a business meeting. This is predictable and very safe; it often leads them fading into the background. Though Luxury Tie Store are not suggesting you wear something too ostentatious, just a little power in the upscale ties in a rich colorful stripe pattern that we offer.


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